how to make clip on earrings

Tips on how to make clip on earrings

Clip-on earrings were very popular in the past and although they were originally created at a time when most women didn't have pierced ears, they are still a very popular accessory with a growing community of people who for one reason or another choose not to pierce their ears.

One of the most asked questions we receive at Crazy4clipons is not only how to make clip on earrings but also on how to choose the best type of clip findings to use, so I decided to put together a quick set of instructions

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The biggest concern about clip earrings is the idea that they are painful to wear, and in many cases, they are. Many vintage earrings (yes, the button-gaudy-type with a quirky fashionable vintage style) are usually large earrings with large hinged-base clip findings. These earrings press against the earlobes without much control, and can give the wearer discomfort, specially if the wearer is not used to them. Even though vintage clip earrings can be uncomfortable, they have had a revival with many people who choose to wear them for short periods and for special occasions.

But lets get back to the present. Today clip earring findings come in a huge array of styles and while they are still based on the idea of "clipping" to the earlobes, many clips have intricate mechanisms to aid with controlling the pressure to the earlobe and therefore providing comfort to the wearer. So if you are a non-pierced person and would still love to be able to convert, repair or make your own clip earrings, do not despair, we have help for you.

Converting and or making clip on earrings requires very few tools but most important there several decisions to make. First, in terms of tools, using jewelry pliers is a good thing ( regular pliers will work too, however you must exercise extra care when handling earring loops, delicate wire and clip findings to ensure not to bend or break them). Based on the type of earring you are making or converting, you may also require a pair of cutting pliers (again jewelry cutting pliers will provide the best, smooth finished cuts), sometimes files are required and in other cases, depending on the type of earring (such as paddle-backs clips), a good bonding glue is necessary.

Next, the most important decisions will be to decide on the correct clip earring findings to use. As mentioned above, today there is a huge array of clip earring findings available to convert or make the perfect pair of earrings. At Crazy4clipons we offer many types of clip earring findings for this purpose. You can find them by:

In choosing the correct clip findings, here is a list of factors to consider:

Size of the earrings

Large clip earrings will require clip findings that will be able to provide a good support and a good balance to the earrings you will be making. Large cabochon stones will benefit from a paddle-back clip that has a good bonding base so the earrings will keep in place. Smaller earrings will benefit from smaller clip earring findings that do not take over the overall look of the earring design.


Earring Design

Not all earrings are designed the same, a delicate long stiletto style earring will look out of proportion with a chunky-styled clip finding at the top. In this situation, a pierced-like-style clip may provide the earring a better streamed-lined matching look. On the other hand a chunky bohemian chandelier may look better with a front-ball clip finding to provide a balanced look


Metal tone of the earrings

Unless you are purposely seeking a trendy mismatched look, try to choose a matching or a coordinating clip finding in the same metal tone of the earring you are designing or converting. You want your earrings to look coordinated and finished from top-to-bottom. A bright gold clip finding may not be the best match for that vintage brassy pair of earrings.


Type of earrings

Is the earring design you have in mind a dangling style with a loop at the top? Then clip findings that have loops to attach to are the best choice for your project - see our detailed instructions below. Cabochon or button style earrings will look great with paddle-back style clip findings and stud-type earrings can be converted using a post2clip finding - see instructions below.

Are you all set now? Got the tools? Know your earring design? Have your pick the perfect clip earring findings? Great! Now you are ready to create a beautiful pair of clip earrings that will be fashionable and comfortable. Below are two sets of instructions with multiple pictures for you on attaching clips to earrings with top loops and instructions on converting post type earrings to clips.



I hope you enjoyed this information. For any comments, suggestions Please feel free to let us know! via crazy4clipons contact form

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