When it comes to clip earring findings, there are a ton of options. And let's be honest ? they can all be pretty confusing. But this guide can make the process easy. We'll break down the different aspects of clip earring findings to help you choose the best ones to make or repair your pair of earrings. Below are the top 5 tips to consider when choosing clip earrings to create or repair a pair.  Let's dig in...


The biggest concern about clip earrings is that they are painful to wear, and in many cases, they are. Many vintage earrings (yes, the older button-type with a fashionable vintage style) are usually large earrings with prominent hinged-base or paddle-back clip findings. These earrings press against the earlobes with little control and can give the wearer discomfort, primarily if they are not used to them. Even though vintage clip earrings can be uncomfortable, they have had a revival with many people who choose to wear them for short periods and special occasions. Depending on the type of clip used in a vintage pair of earrings, the pressure can sometimes be reduced with Clip Earring cushions and pillows.

But let's get back to the present. Today clip earring findings come in a vast array of styles. While they are still based on the idea of "clipping" to the earlobes, many clips have intricate mechanisms to aid with controlling the pressure on the earlobe and provide comfort to the wearer. So if you are a non-pierced person and would still love to be able to convert, repair, or make your clip earrings, you can! For new wearers, the recommendation is to start with clip earrings that control the pressure. These are called clip earring screwbacks findings. The reason is that they have a small screwback mechanism that helps you control the pressure on the earlobe. Are earrings too tight? Just loosen them until you feel a proper tension where the earring will stay on but does not hurt.

Screwback clip findings are relatively general, and they look great with most earrings types,

A side note to consider when creating or repairing clip earrings has the proper tools to connect them to them. Converting and/or making clip-on earrings requires very few tools. First, use jewelry pliers. Regular pliers will work too. However, you must exercise extra care when handling earring loops, delicate wire, and clip findings to ensure not to bend or break them). Based on the type of earring you are making or converting, you may also require a pair of cutting pliers (again, jewelry cutting pliers will provide the best, smooth finished cuts). Sometimes, files are required to smooth loose wire or rough spots. In other cases, a suitable bonding glue will be necessary depending on the type of earring finding (such as paddle-back clip earring findings).


The size of the earrings can also determine the type of clip-finding you need. 

  • Large clip earrings will require clip findings that can provide good support and balance to the earrings you will be making.   Large screwbacks can provide great support while still managing pressure control.
  • Large cabochon stones will benefit from a paddle-back clip with a suitable bonding base to keep the earrings in place. 
  • A hinged-back clip earring finding can be an excellent option for medium/small earrings if comfort is no issue.  Earlobe pressure can be alleviated with comfort pillows/cushions.
  • Smaller earrings can benefit from smaller clip earring findings that do not take over the overall look of the earring design. 
  • An invisible clip earring finding can be an excellent option for petite clip earrings as their composition is dainty and light. 

Remember, bold and dramatic earrings do not have to be heavy.  The choices in the materials can make a significant difference in creating luscious and dramatic earrings while still comfortable for everyone:  pierced or non-pierced ears.


The right clip earring finding can support your earring style, matching it with your dress, hairstyle, and personal taste. A delicate long stiletto-style earring may look out of proportion with a chunky-styled clip finding at the top. In this situation, a pierced-like clip earring finding may give the earring a better streamed-lined matching look. On the other hand, a robust bohemian chandelier may look better with a front-ball clip earring finding to provide a balanced look.

Along with the theme, also consider the metal tone of the earrings. Unless you purposely seek a trendy mismatched look, you can choose a matching or coordinating clip earring finding with the same metal tone as the earring you are designing or converting. This will deliver a coordinated and finished look from top-to-bottom.

Lastly, decide how you'll connect the finding to the earring. If it's a dangly design with a loop at the top, clip findings with loops are the best choice for your project - see our detailed instructions below. Cabochon or button-style earrings will look great with paddle-back clip earring or front pad-style clip findings. Stud-type earrings can be converted using either a post2clip Clip on earring finding  see instructions below.


What type of clip finding is the best for your earrings? If you are already comfortable wearing clip earrings and designing a new custom pair of earrings, the choices get broader and more exciting! 

Many clip earring findings are available to convert or make the perfect pair of earrings. Based on the earring style and your level of comfort, you can choose clips earring finding by:


If you are making or repairing your gold and silver clip earrings, you could also consider precious metal clip earring findings.  You can choose clip earring findings based on your budget to match the earring metals (Full Gold, Sterling Silver, white gold, or clips adorned with gems).  Clip Earring findings can be heavier than their pierced counterparts; hence their price in gold and Sterling Silver tends to be higher than the pierced counterparts. Conversely, silver and gold-plated clip earring findings are very suitable, economical ways to create or repair your clip earrings.  With proper care, these clips can maintain their shine and polish for a long time.

Are you all set now? Got the tools? Know your earring design? Have you picked the perfect clip earring findings? Great! Now you are ready to create a beautiful pair of clip earrings that will be fashionable and comfortable. Below are two sets of instructions with multiple pictures.