Are clip-on earrings popular? Yes! They're as stylish, fashionable, affordable, and easy to wear as regular earrings?but they're perfect for anyone who doesn't want holes in their ears. That's why we offer hundreds of clip-on earrings in our store. Whether you're looking for something with a little more edge or something that's a bit more delicate, we've got you covered.


We know a few good reasons:

Sometimes, people choose non-pierced earrings because they choose not to pierce their ears. Other times, they want to wear earrings but are concerned about stretching or tearing their earlobes. This is often the case for people who have recently had surgery on their ears. Whether to repair a stretched hole or just for cosmetic purposes. 

Clip earrings are the perfect choice for anyone who loves beautiful contemporary earring styles without the fear and risk of stretching the holes in their ears, even worse, risking painful tears.  These earrings allow you to enjoy wearing beautiful pieces without worrying about damaging your ears every time you take them off!

Clip earrings allow the ears to look good and be healthy. If you're concerned about your earlobes or have sensitive ears, then clip earrings can be a great alternative to traditional pierced earrings. And since they don't go through the piercing itself, there's less chance of infection or other issues with pierced earrings. 

There are also some benefits for adults who choose clip-on earrings over traditional pierced ones: For one thing, it's easier to switch up your look if you don't have pierced ears (all you have to do is put on a new pair of clip ons!). Also, if you've had problems with your piercings healing properly or getting infected, clip ons may be a good option.

They're safe for hemophiliacs! If you have a condition that makes it unsafe for your body to undergo surgery, it's probably not a good idea for you to get any piercing done. But if you still want to wear earrings, then clip ons are the perfect solution! They don't require any surgery at all and they're just as beautiful as any other pair of pierced earrings.

Great way to showcase bold and statement accessories. Clip-on earrings are not as rare as you may think. Celebrities and models love to wear clip on earrings!  These accessories have evolved so that they're now not as detectable.  For celebrities and models, it allows them to wear earrings with lots of ornamentation. These are often referred to as "statement" earrings because they're meant to be noticed, yet they will not pull on their ears.


Choosing clip backings is a personal choice. There are two basic rules to remember when making your selection:

1. First, choose what is comfortable.

2. Then choose what looks good on you!

For people who have never worn clip earrings, we recommend purchasing a pair of clip findings FIRST. This will allow a person to test the comfort level for that particular clip earring finding. Once you find the perfect comfort/ fit of clip earrings, you can try the clips with full earring designs.

For a look at all the different types of clip findings, Clip Earrings Findings  

We continually add to our inventory of clip earring findings- See what clip earring findings are available at our store!


If you're like most people, you probably don't know the best choice of clips for people sensitive to nickel. And that's ok! We've got you covered. Without a doubt, if you react to nickel metal, avoid any nickel-based or plated closure (Note: Plated items may contain a small amount of nickel) at all costs. 

The best clip earring findings for people with nickel allergies are .925 sterling silver and nickel-free clip findings. It's important to note that some people with nickel allergies can tolerate some amounts of nickel in their jewelry. But this varies from person to person. If you are unsure of the amount of nickel on earrings that you may already own, you can quickly test the amount of nickel using a simple chemical solution such as Allertest.


We know how it goes. You get a new pair of vintage clip-on earrings that are perfect. Until you wear them for an hour and your ears start to ache. Or maybe you've got some clip ons that are super cute, but they don't feel right on your ears.

Well, we have good news: There are ways to make those uncomfortable earrings more comfortable:

1. Try using clip pads or cushions. They're designed to provide a cushion to the pressure point of a hinged clip earring. We recommend these cushions on all the classic hinged clips as insurance to provide comfort to the ears. You can check some options here

2. If that doesn't work, try screw-back clips with cushion pads instead! This combination truly maximizes the chances for good comfort when wearing clip-style earrings. You can also modify or fix your vintage cabochon earrings by exchanging the clip findings for an ear-friendly choice.


When it comes to choosing clip earrings, you need to consider the style of your earrings.

For example, if you're looking for a chandelier-style earring, you'll want a clip closure that balances out the weight of the design. On the other side, if you have small dainty earrings with large clip-balls, they'll look unbalanced and disproportional.

Finding the clip that gives you the best comfort is essential. Small screw-back earrings are a great way to test your earlobes. These clips are small and light and allow you to control the pressure on the earlobe. It is an easy way to find out how your ears feel with them.