How to make clip on earrings

DESCRIPTION: Instructions for converting pierced earrings to Clip Earrings
making your clipon earrings

Non-Pierced Ears? No Problem! This is no reason not to be able to wear awesome stylish earrings.

Here are some easy instructions to convert your dangling pierced earrings and make them into clip on earrings with these easy instructions.

Our Instructions are really easy to follow. We provide pictures to help guide you. These instructions are for dangling type of earrings that have hoop/at the top. Great for modern type of earrings that use french hooks. Not for paddle-backs.


Ready? You'll need:

  1. A pair of earrings with a loop at the top,
  2. Matching clip earring findings a pair of pliers and you
  3. Click here for Pierced to Clip Earrings instructions!

PS: For people planning to wear clip on earrings for an extended period of time, you may want to also check cushion pads or cushion pillows for extra comfort.

How Easy was that?? Now, find the perfect clips to make your non-pierced earrings here