Everything You Need to Know About Clip Earring Findings

Clip-on earring findings can help to add an extra flair to your look without altering your ears permanently. But with so many different clip-on earrings available, how do you know which ones are right for you? Let us help! We've put together this guide to help you understand the differences between the different clip-on earring findings to decide which earrings will work best for you.


Hinge-back clip earrings findings feature a back hinge that snaps onto the back of the earlobe with no pressure control. These backs are versatile and go well with dangles, drops, chandeliers, etc. The comfort zone for these clips is average, especially for people who are used to wearing clip earrings. However, if you're new to them and find them uncomfortable, we recommend adjusting the back hinge and/or using an earring cushion.

They come in multiple metal finishes and designs: front ball, flat-front, etc.


The slim front provides a lean-looking Pierced-like look without embellishments on the top. The thin stick-like front (reminiscent of a lever back) elongates the look of the earrings. These findings are lovely for Drops, stilettos, and linear dangling-styled earrings.

Comfort level:  You can find these as hinged-back or hinged-back with screwbacks.  The first choice is recommended for people who are used to wearing clip earrings. The latter choice provides full control of the pressure of the earlobes.  Very comfortable and stylish.


These screw-on earring findings are very versatile, and they offer a great level of comfort. They're adjustable so that you can control the pressure against your earlobe. Some people consider them a bit bulky, but we think they offer the most versatility and comfort of all options. We offer them as our primary choice for all our earrings. They come in multiple metal finishes and front designs, ie: front-ball, pads, pierced-like, etc


The closure on these earrings is an excellent solution for clip earrings that stay close to the earlobes. It features a hinge action and a back pad that gives a secure hold. The closure was very popular with vintage "button" earrings. You can find different font styles:  Pads? to adhere flat crystals,  cabochons to attach gems and domes for a classic metal finish.  If they are too tight, they may become uncomfortable.  A paddle-back pillow can help with comfort.


For the hoop-style earring lover comes the spring-back hoop closure! These beautiful earrings have a plunger-style spring back that you push open, and it holds against your back earlobe. It's classic. They may come with or without loops, so you can choose what works best for you. The closures with loops allow for embellishments like charms to personalize them and make them unique. The grip of these is average; the smaller ones stay in place better than the larger sizes. Clip cushions can provide comfort and better grip for those with sensitive ears or who want to ensure their earrings stay put all day long!


These are great for small clip earrings that are not heavy.  If you don't want to use a regular paddle-back because of the pressure, these may be a good option.  Some people benefit from cushion pads, but these are gentler than regular paddle-backs. They are available in many metal finishes.

Caution: Although they are small, be cautious about using these with kids' earrings unless they are full sterling silver or gold/gold filled. These parts may contain nickel or lead.


Have you been looking for a way to make your post-pierced earrings into clip style?  These converters are your option. By inserting the post of the earring into the converter, you can temporarily change the style. Slide the tubular portion onto the pierced earring post. For a more permanent solution, you can use a second version and bend the post at a right angle. You have choices!

 You can find a guide on how to use these findings here.


When you need something special, clip earrings findings (like pierced findings), come with various designs.  We like to carry a few fancy styles to elevate the look of earrings.  Top hearts and top shells are our favorites. However, Swarovski Crystals tops are beautiful too.  Most of these styles come as screwbacks, so they are not only beautiful, but they are also comfortable!  A win-win.


These are small and lightweight. They come with a clear or metal ball front and transparent resin back that mimics pierced styles. They work very well with people with metal sensitivities. We love the versatility of these findings: they work well with people who have metal sensitivities and want to wear minimalistic styles without worrying about their earrings falling off or being too heavy for their ears. The grip is not strong enough for heavy designs, but it works very well with small or minimalist ones.


If you're looking for a quick and easy way to make a pair of clip-on earrings, you've come to the right place.  We have all the clip-on earring findings you need in all different styles and metal types. All the findings featured in this post are available in our Crazy4clipons online store.  If interested, hop over to see these and many other choices. We believe everyone deserves access to beautiful earrings- and we're here to help!