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Thank you for visiting our online shop. We are delighted that you have found us and are looking for unique earring designs. At Crazy4clipons, we aim to provide a comfortable environment to shop for earrings.  We are committed to helping you decide whether or not a pair is right for you - so please take your time reading all the information below to help you in your search 

Size does Matter

We strive to provide you with the best representation of all products. We photograph all our products in our studio and have large pictures of the earrings so you can judge their construction and different views. However, due to the resolution of your monitor, these pictures may be misleading. But fear not! We provide images showing how the earrings fit against a real face (it's Quinn!). Also, we include dimensions for length and width in our descriptions so that you know what size is best for you!

Color riddles: Is it green or aqua?

Colors are another challenge posed by the differences in color profiles of individual monitors. Our pictures are taken using a universal SRG color profile (the default of many monitors). However, earring colors can appear differently on many screens. Please email us if you have questions about an item and its colors!

Image Views

We strive to provide many views of our earrings for your review. We present the main picture as a straight-on view, representing the earrings in a way that makes them look like they are hanging naturally from the front. The second picture is a model view, representing how the earring will hang on a face. And finally, additional photos for more detailed viewing of our products may be shown lying flat on various surfaces. This view allows us to concentrate on details and let us show you how it would look if you were to wear these pieces.

Choosing Your Findings

Your earrings need proper backing to keep them looking their best and feeling comfortable while you wear them. We are proud to provide an array of options to choose the most comfortable, secure, and versatile earring back for you. Please take the time to review our available clip on earring backs and findings so that your earrings will look and feel great. For more information about choosing the right earring findings, click here.

Metal Colors

Earrings are more than just something to adorn your ears. Choose from various earring styles, including hoops, fringes, and more. we want you to wear jewelry that makes sense for you. To boot? There are many colors to choose from; you can imagine how many combinations open up. We use different metal colors to create fun earring creations and cater to your style. You can choose a few different metals, including silvers: Sterling, Antique, Plated, 14/18K Gold Plate and filled, Copper (bright and antique), Antique Brass/Bronze, and black gunmetal.

Payment Security

We use the highest level of encrypted security technology to communicate with our credit card merchants and gateways. Your credit card information isn't stored on our servers, ensuring security.

If you are looking for guidelines for choosing the best earrings for your face shape and body height, we have got you covered. Some specific tips and guidelines will help you make an informed choice when picking up a pair of earrings as a gift.