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Tips for choosing the perfect pair of earrings as gifts

Guidelines and Tips for choosing Earrings as Gifts

In this article we will concentrate on tips for choosing a great pair of Earrings (Pierced or Non-Pierced) as a gift. Note: many of these tips are completely applicable to the many other types of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings.

Jewelry is a favorite accessory for all. Many people shy away from giving jewelry to loved ones because jewelry is a personal item and finding the perfect item can become a bit intimidating.

Earrings are important pieces in a person's wardrobe and their selection should be done with care and most important with knowledge of the recipient's style as well as the occasion/reason the Earrings are given for.

Earrings are so versatile, they are a great gift for almost any occasion: birthdays, valentines day, mothers Day, Christmas, friendship gifts, anniversary, a special gift to mom from a daughter, weddings, princess parties, baby showers or just a little something to let someone know you love them and appreciate them.

As with any other gift giving, it pays off to do a little of research before you embark on the process of choosing the right pair of Earrings for a loved one. Here are a few things to take note of :

  • Who is your recipient? male, female, child, teenager, adult?
  • What is the overall style of your recipient? Are they sporty, classic, trendy, dramatic, romantic, bohemian?
  • What is their life style? corporate, school-oriented, artistic, sporty, socialite?
  • When you observer their current jewelry and style, what do you see? Do they prefer silver, gold pieces, copper, brass, or colorful styles?
  • Watch over subtle issues such as allergies.
  • Do they wear Clip Earrings Styles? What type do they like? Hinged? Pierced-like? Screw backs?
  • Are their current pieces bold/dramatic, unique and unusual, colorful, wild? or dainty, subtle and classic?
  • Do they prefer precious or semi-precious stones? pearls, crystals? or fun flirtatious materials such a lucite, plastic or glass?
  • What is your budget for your gift? friendship fun or anniversary investment?

Are you confused? No worries, we will break down these categories for you in an easy checkout list that can help you narrow down your choices and allow you to pick that item that would be pleasing for your loved one.

Are you ready? Grab a pencil and be ready to take some notes:

click here for your checklist to choose the perfect pair of Earrings (Pierced or Clip On) as a gift.

once your list is complete, you are ready to browse our store and check our great selection of Earrings and do not forget we cater to everyone so you can find a great array of lovely Clip Earrings selections that can be made for Pierced ears too.

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Tips for choosing the perfect pair of earrings as gifts
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