Choosing your Earrings at Crazy4clipons.com

Thank you for your visit, we are delighted you have found our boutique for pierced and clip on earrings. At Crazy4clipons our goal is to provide you with an easy environment to shop for unique handcrafted earring designs. We are proud to make products for everyone, people with pierced ears and people that prefer clip on earrings for non-pierced ears.

Crazy4clipons.com is all about choices. Our earrings are made to order and it is crucial for us that you take the time to review and read all the information on our products. This will ensure you will receive the earrings you expect and will love to wear.

Tackling the online shopping anxiety and we understand online shopping can be a challenge. It is hard to decide to purchase an item when you do not have the opportunity to touch and feel it in your hands. We are committed to provide you with all possible information about the store products and give you the best references, so you can make the best decision. When viewing our products take into consideration the following:

Earring size really matters

We are committed to show you the best representation of all products. We photograph all our products in our studio. Our ads provide close-up of our earrings and present them to you in large pictures (enlarged pictures are available by clicking on each thumbnail). These pictures are aimed to help you judge the construction and different views of the product.

Depending on the resolution of your monitor, these views may be misleading. But have no fear. We provide access to an online-ruler (courtesy of Mitchell N. Charity) for you. Each product ad has a link to an online-ruler which can be printed from your local system. If you have any questions about the size of a particular product, please use this useful online metric tool to be able to see a good representation of what the item's size is.


Color riddles: Is it green or is it aqua?

Color is another challenge posed by the different color profiles of individual monitors. Our pictures are taken using a universal SRG color profile (which is the default of many monitors), however, earring colors can appear different on many screens. If the description of the ad describes a color green yet your monitor shows you a color blue, please send us an email!


WPS: Our Wearable Position System.

We strive to provide many views of all earrings for your review. Our main picture will represent the earrings in the way they hang naturally from the front. Dangling earrings have lots of movement and they will move accordingly as your body/face moves. Secondary pictures may represent items in a "posed" position. In this case, earrings will be laying flat on a surface. This view allows us to concentrate on details and let us show you the construction of the items by seeing parts of the earrings that cannot be seen when the earrings are in a hanging position (i.e. the back of the closures or the techniques used). We provide these additional picture views so you can see the items in their natural hanging position, light and construction.


Which earring backs do I choose?

We are proud to provide you with plenty of options for your earrings backs. Whether you like pierced or clip on earrings we want to ensure you choose the most comfortable and best option for you. Please take the time to review the different types of earring backs so your earrings will look and feel great. Of course, if you have any questions feel free to let us know. We will be delighted to answer your questions. For more information about choosing the right earring findings click here.

Is my information secured?

Our system uses high level encrypted security technology to communicate with our Credit card merchants and gateway vendors: Paypal and Google-checkout. Your credit card information is not stored on our system.

If you are looking for guidelines for choosing earrings as a gift. Check tips and guidelines for choosing your earrings as gift here. If  you are looking for guidelines for choosing earrings based on face-shape and body height. Click guidelines for your choosing earrings based on face shape here.

Any other questions? Please feel free to let us know! send us your inquiry at sales(at)crazy4clipons.com